Mooring Cruise on 30 Jun 2023

We had another day cruise out to visit our mooring on the Encourager with Captain Jarrett Drake.  This time we did a quick turn-around: replacing the batteries and SD card with the acoustic data, then replacing the mooring to collect another 6 weeks or so of data.   Perfect weather and calm seas made for an easy cruise.   

Mooring Recovery Cruise on 2 Nov 2022

We had a half-day cruise on the F/V Encourager to recover our acoustic recording mooring deployed 6 weeks earlier in Buzzards Bay.   The mooring recorded underwater acoustic data for our acoustic rainfall estimation project.   MNE MS student Patrick Pasteris rode along to test his Aurelia vertical profiler.  All photos by J. Buck unless otherwise indicated.

Capt. Jarrett Drake of the F/V Encourager on the bridge as we approach the bridge

Leaving New Bedford

Making way to the mooring

Always a relief to find the mooring where you left it [Credit: P. Pasteris]

Capt. Drake, Prof Buck and CJ Berg recovering the LS2 recorder [Credit: P. Pasteris]


Prof Buck and CJ Berg removing the LS2 recorder from the mooring line [Credit: P. Pasteris]

Team from Nov 2, 2022 mooring recovery cruise

Prof. Buck, Capt. Drake, Patrick Pasteris and CJ Berg after the cruise.  [Note for future cruises: Do not let the old professor take the team selfie.]